Beginnings | #HondaLove | @Honda

“There is some truly benevolent about sharing a life long passion for automobiles with your loved ones. I know a lot of stories that started out like this – mine included.
As a young child at his first auto show. A toy model Dodge Viper GTS grasped tightly in his small hands. Standing in front of the real version of the toy he owned. I was full of energy and youthful glee. There was something magical in that very moment that held me still as I stood in front of the chassis.
Encapsulated by the design, the fierce bold lines, the colourways. How sleek and futuristic! A piece of art birthed by meticulous engineers and sculpted with raw motorsport heritage at its core.
But when you’re a kid, all you can do is look on earnestly with glazed eyes in aw.
But that’s my story. It really puts a smile on my face to see this little kid excited by the 2017 Honda NSX. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll own one!” – Nikolas S.