Welcome To The Family

With each project comes a bond that is formed during the time you spend with your car. May it be the time you spend cruising with it, or days you spend wrenching away, it is always hard to let go of a project. So it’s only right that when the new project comes you and your friends welcome it properly, and the way the Saké boys do it is with a meet and cruise.

Nick’s Nissan Laurel meets Yung Dookie’s GRB and AreOhWhy’s S14

On the night of November 4th, we welcomed Nick’s new project, Laurel. The night consisted of embracing the nostalgia that this early 90’s car possessed. Which ranged from the analog clock that was in the center console, to the cassette player and sliding fan switches. The JDM essence was strong with this one, with the corner parking antenna, the right hand drive and also the lingering smell of a Japanese person smoking 2 packs a day in the car. However, this was also the perfect platform for someone who is about to turn this sleeper family car, into a whole new beast.

Some of the guys that came out to help Nick welcome Laurel were Duke’s GRB, Roy’s S14, Usman’s widebody AP2, Roman’s CP9A, Dylan’s E36, Branden’s Celica and Lawrence’s GC8.