The Importance Of Seat Time

Growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to live out my racecar boy fantasies. My family immigrated to Canada in the early 90’s a few months before I was born with little money. As I aged, my dad introduced me to, at that time, the worlds most advanced racing simulator with cutting edge graphics and gameplay – Gran Turismo 2 on PlayStation 1.

I still have the system and the original game.

It was my tenth birthday gift back in 2000. I was addicted and a purist. I would set all the assists to off and do all of the endurance races without moving from my special spot on the floor directly infront of the t.v. Sitting there for hours, lap after lap.

Min. of 2 hours!
ahh the nostalgia ..and the numb legs from sitting for hours

Fast forward a decade and a bit later with some real motorsport experience under my belt (from drag racing to karting), I feel it is of the utmost importance for everyone – not just enthusiasts – to truly attain more seat time. Be it playing iRacing, Gran Turismo, Forza, Project Cars ( but all of these with the use of a cockpit setup or at the minimum a set of pedals + a force feedback wheel).

Make due with what you've got!
She gets the job done! Click for video!

Participating in an indoor/outdoor karting series (CRKC, Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy), AutoX, Open Lapping or simply taking a few pylons and driving to an abandoned lot in the middle of nowhere to practice manoeuvring/braking techniques.

Never lift!
Me turning some laps at Formula Kartways in Brampton

Not only will doing this enhance your quality of life but it will also make it so that you’re a more confident, educated and safe driver. Not to mention some kick ass stories to share with your loved ones or, get this, even have those close to you participate in as well.

Driving into the wild.
Navigating twisty roads such as Forks of the Credit can do wonders for not only your hand eye coordination but appreciate for nature. It’s very scenic drive!

Now I just wonder when Ontario will incorporate a licensing system similar to Gran Turismo’s. Skid pad testing anyone?