We vouch for these wonderful companies founded and run by passionate enthusiasts just like us! Located in and around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Akii Tire

Akii Tire originally started as a mobile tire mounting service catering mostly towards the local track/drift scene. We would haul tire equipment out to Shannonville Motorsports Park during drift days and offer tire mounting services to the participants. Being very common in the drift scene to run stretched tires, we gained a lot of experience in what we like to call the art of stretching tires.

We as fellow enthusiasts can understand the struggle to find a shop that you’d entrust to work on your vehicle. We know how many countless hours and dollars have been put into your prized possession of a vehicle. This is why here at Akii Tire we strive to give you quality of service and workmanship over anything else.

With over 5 years experience in the industry, we’ve gained plenty of experience working at many different big name tire shops. We’ve seen what certain shops do good and what they lack. The experience and lessons learned throughout the years is what will benefit our customers. Whether it be lack of attention to detail in a job, consistency of work, or simply too long of wait times. We aim to give you all the positive aspects that most shops can offer while improving on what they lack. Here at Akii Tire, we have the passion.

R Theory

One of the newest and most innovative producers of Mazda Miata Race parts. Everything is engineered in house by R Theory. R Theory takes time to carefully test all parts for proper fitment before releasing it. Even more time to test critical components which are subject to stressful loads. What sets R Theory apart from the other guys is the attention to detail and the pursuit of innovation.


We’re a Wheel/Tire distributor / retailer based in Toronto, Canada. With over 10 years in the Wheel/Tire in the industry, we have been serving our customers with the highest level of quality and integrity, which lead us to where we can now cater to larger car community. We supply the latest products and performance parts for the your vehicles, from European, Domestic and Japanese platforms. With our state of the art equipment, we can assure whatever work that needs to be done, it will be done right. With no compromises, our duty is to further provide our customers with the highest service and quality products for the best price possible.

Zestino Canada

ZESTINO is a new tire brand oriented around the motorsports world. Designed & using production technology from Japan. Backed by D1 Driver Tetsuya Hibino.

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