Category: Motorsport

Because Racecar

This category serves the purpose of showcasing anything and everything Motorsport related. From professional to novice racing in all fields. AutoX, Drift, Time Attack, Touring Car, Rally, Sim Racing and more.

There will be a variety of articles written that cover a plethora of race related content. In-depth technical pieces, overviews of circuits, driving styles and race lines and more.

Safety, which is a very big thing, will be documented here with real examples of how and why that word is important. Not only driving styles, but safety gear, procedures, first aid, etc. It’s true that racing is all about competition – be it with yourself or others on the track – but we must always be wary of the dangers that are involved with driving / automotive racing as a sport in general.

The purpose of this category is more than just keeping those that are into Motorsport entertained – it’s to help educate our viewers and introduce a new way of sharing stories, lessons, personal development and then some.

Through sheer community effort are we able to make this possible. This category also serves as an archive to help document our adventures and entry / journey through the ranks of Motorsport. Driver to paddock technician, to engineer. We’ll share all the nitty gritty.

Local Series To Checkout

Kitchener Waterloo Rally Club | Ontario Time Attack | Canadian Sport Compact Series | Canadian Touring Car Championship | IMSA Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada